Friday, August 19, 2016


Since I had so much trouble trying to get the podcast to load to Itunes and other feed catchers, I had to switch to a different web host.  Future episodes for the show can be found at  Sorry for the trouble and thanks for listening!

Thank you

Well my goal of 5 people listening to this little dinky show was reached! I even got comments and e-mails! Thank you to everyone who left me some feedback!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Episode 1 - Pilot

Hello there and welcome to the first episode of Tangents Abound! A bi-weekly (for now) podcast by a complete amateur with no prior experience! How amateurish am I? I originally thought of making this a zero episode since it's a introduction and reference it throughout the show but changed my mind after finishing the post production because I realized down the road I'd always be off by1 and that would drive me insane!

That aside - this is a positive place to listen to a complete stranger talk about comics, movies, TV, video games, anime, and whatever else he can think of. If that interests you or you want to hear an adult man make a complete fool out of himself to total strangers, then please take a listen.

Also a huge thank you to the Two True Freaks podcasting community for all their help and support! Check out the best collection of geek podcasts on the Internet that helped a complete novice out at!

Thanks! Any comments, feedback, or angry mobs may be sent to
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